After Install Windows 7 USB Not Working . Windows 7 Installation in New Generation Processor laptop & Desktop

After Install Windows 7 USB Not Working – OVERVIEW

This is a common problem on Intel 6th generation,7th generation and 8th generation chipsets .When we try to install Windows 7 on this generation, we face this type of problem. As such USB gets disabled after installing Windows 7. We can't see the hard drive during Windows installation and have a problem with USB connection error.

After Install Windows 7 USB Not Working – SOLUTION

I described all problems and Try to give all solutions in this video .Like how to solve USB waiting error. Then how to solve hard drive not showing during windows installation.& Finally How to Fix USB Disable and Update Drivers Successfully .We have provided the download link of all the files below

All Requirement File Download Links

Before to start Windows Installation On Your Computer ,Please Download All Requirement Files & Drivers.

Windows 7 All in One Gen 2 Download Link : Click here

Intel USB 3.0 Driver Packaged Download Link : Click here

Rufus Download Link :- Click here

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